FundIt campaign for Sanctuary

From July 11, 2012 to August 07, 2012

We have launched our FundIt campaign for our new play Sanctuary that will premiere at the Galway Theatre Festival in October and we need your help. 

From July 11 – August 7 we need to raise €4000.  If we don’t meet this goal all pledges are refunded.

Can you help us? Please click the link below

Sanctuary on FundIt

What’s Sanctuary about you ask?

What if the cinema was the only sanctuary for your relationship?   It looked like an ordinary trip to the cinema and a welcome break from their training centre. But for Larry and Sophie it’s an opportunity to steal away and be alone together at last.  But now that they’re alone, what are they going to say and do?’
We are ready to take you through the lives of the characters in this beautiful play.  Poignant, funny and realistic, Sanctuary opens a window into the lives and relationships of people with ID and the obstacles they must overcome to be together.

We have the talent, the venue, the creative team and the support from the Galway Theatre Festival. Premiering this new work at a national festival is a first for us.

Your pledge will ensure that the production values created will do our actors proud. They are professionals and this production should reflect this in all of the supporting production elements.
We really appreciate your support (we couldn’t do it without you)

A huge thank you from all of the Teapots! See you at the show.