How you Bin? We’re Parade ready!

Thank you Ulster Bank & Galway Lions Club

The upcoming St Patrick’s Day festivities will be colourful with this year’s theme, Green. Our creation is well underway and has taken an environmental spin.  Our entry is entitled ‘Peace is Green’ directed by Petal Pilley.  Petal has been involved in over 50 parades around the world and is excited to bring this entry to the streets of Galway.

This is THE entry to see, as Teapots and Teacups hurry about cleaning up the world, one bin bag at a time. You better not get in their way or you’ll be swept up in the excitement!

Last week the Teapots and Teacups were still busy at work finishing the costumes and props.   Joining them were Brendan McDermott from Ulster Bank, Dermot O’Connell and Seamus Staed, president of the Lions Club of Galway, whose generosity makes this event possible.

Ulster Bank has partnered with the Galway Lions Club to support us this year.  Their gesture has enabled us to provide a professional spectacle for the members of the programmes and to the Galway community.

The St Patrick’s Day Parade brings together all three programmes, Blue Teapot Theatre Company, Performing Arts School and Bright Soul.

Clean clean clean!

We have been a part of the St Patrick’s Day parade since its inception sixteen years ago.  It is always a thrill to parade through the streets of Galway to the appreciation of thousands.

We are very thankful for all of our gracious supporters!

For more information on the St Patricks Day Festival Parade 2012 go to

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